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You're an entrepreneur with big dreams and a strong sense of purpose. Your drive to make a meaningful impact on the world is truly inspiring.

Your talents and skills are like keys that can unlock transformation, and you're excited about sharing your unique abilities with the world.

However, there's a challenge:

  • You're standing at a crossroads, unsure of where to start or how to structure, delegate, and deliver your life-changing offerings in a way that deeply resonates with the people you want to reach.

  • The struggle is real when it comes to choosing the right tools and platforms to invest in, as well as seamlessly implementing your strategies.

  • Maybe you've already tried some things, but the results aren't quite what you hoped for. The passion you have isn't coming through, and it's not connecting with your ideal audience.

  • On the flip side, you might have taken on everything yourself, only to find yourself overwhelmed and frustrated.

    The result? A confusing path that leads straight to burnout.


You can’t do it all yourself.
You have to focus on your expertise and find the right person who can help you get your vision to reality!

That’s why I’m here…

Hi, I'm John Medel,

your video editing pro. I'm the expert who turns videos into captivating stories.

I take your raw footage and make it shine, creating videos that truly connect with your audience. Whether you want to build your brand, engage more viewers, or grow your coaching impact, I've got you covered.

Let's chat today and bring your vision to life with awesome videos.

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My ultimate goal is to be the go-to person for entrepreneurs and coaches when it comes to building their awareness online while me creating an impact to this industry

Imagine me holding you by the hand

as we go through your content creation journey




High End Content Editing

that deeply connects to the viewers

Ready to Create an Engaging Reels Content that Resonate?

See our Editing Process

Discovery call or chat

We will schedule a discovery call where we will articulate your needs.

I will dive deep into the current struggles that you have in Crafting and Creating quality Video Contents for your brand/business.

Editing Action Plan Tailored-Fit For You

Based on our discussion, we will create a customized video editing plan that aligns with your coaching brand and objectives.

Proposal and Agreement

We send you a clear proposal outlining the scope of work, pricing, and project timeline. Once you're comfortable with the details, we move forward.

Gathering Resources

You provide us with the raw video footage or we can assist you on recording if needed and any other relevant content that needs editing. This is the foundation of your captivating videos.

The Magic Begins

I will dive into action, applying our "1-Click Content Conversion Framework" to transform your raw footage into engaging videos.

Review, Feedback and Iteration

Your input is crucial in shaping the final product, So We present you with the initial edits, giving you the opportunity to review and provide feedback,
and make necessary adjustments to ensure the videos align perfectly with your vision.

Delivery, Deployment and Support

We deliver the edited videos to you in the preferred format. You can now start using these captivating videos to enhance your coaching impact.

Our commitment doesn't end with delivery. We're here to support you in using the videos effectively and making any future adjustments as needed.

Celebrating Success

As your videos draw in engagement and enhance your coaching journey, we celebrate the success achieved through our collaboration!

Want to Start Dominate your Brand online
and Start Creating Quality Video Contents that Resonates?

Our Services:

Video Editing

Social Media Management and Content Creation

Funnel and Website Designing

  • Creating Content Ideas

  • Sequencing Details for Preparation

  • Recording Video Assistance

  • Editing

  • Social Media Profile Optimization

  • Basic SEO strategy

  • Scheduling Posts

  • 3hr daily engagement on posts

  • Monthly Reporting

  • Re-evaluating, Refinement and Duplication

  • Free Domain

  • Free Hosting

  • Free SSL

  • Free Consultation

  • Design and Development

Real Clients Testimonials

Maj Custodio

CEO and Founder of AACIO and Quick Pro

Angela Baysa

CEO and Founder of 2hourCEO